Frequently Asked Questions

Can we request songs to be played live for our ceremony or reception?

Of course! If you have any special songs that you would like us to play on your big day we're more than happy to learn them for you. Every booking with us includes three complimentary live requests, for songs not already on our set list.

We ask that you give us at least three weeks notice so that we can learn and rehearse them to a standard you'll be happy with! Otherwise, feel free to check out our current set list, which is always growing!

Can we request songs in advance and on the night for the DJ set?

Definitely! If you’ve booked us to DJ for you, try filling out our DJ Form. It helps us to get an idea of the types of songs you and your guests would like to hear on the night.
Some couples like to create a Spotify playlist which they (or their guests!) can add songs to over time and share with us. This means that on the night, we already have a massive pool of songs to draw from that we know you’ll love.
Any input at all is helpful, but if you prefer to leave it to us we're more than happy to just go off the general feeling in the room on the night! 

Of course, you and your guests are always welcome to come up and make as many requests as you like! 

Do you travel to venues outside of Sydney?

Absolutely! We love to travel and make an adventure out of a weekend. Events outside of the greater Sydney area do incur a travel fee to cover the costs of fuel and accommodation, but we're not fancy! We'll be rolling home from your wedding to a cute, weird Airbnb, not a five star hotel! (We were actually once featured in an ad for Airbnb wherein we express our love for ‘a nice, homely vibe’, we are very, very famous.)

It's important to us to keep costs down for you and at the end of the day we really just need a bed to fall into after a big night of wedding excitement, so rest assured you won't be stuck with an exorbitant hotel fee tacked on to your quote! 

Can you play at our midweek wedding?

We love the idea of a midweek wedding! Having said that, we do each work through the week, and as such would generally need to take time off in order to play an event midweek. We understand that many couples opt for a midweek wedding in order to keep things affordable, and we definitely respect that! However as we would be missing work ourselves, we would need to include an additional fee to your quote in order to make it a viable option for us. 

Our ceremony is located somewhere without access to power, is this a problem?

Not at all! We have a portable battery which allows us to run our PA System and musical equipment without the need for an on-site power source. This means we've got you covered for your outdoor ceremony!
Unfortunately it's not quite powerful enough to run the DJ equipment off so we would need a power source for extended live performances and all DJ sets.

We need you for our ceremony AND our cocktail hour/reception, but they're in different locations. Is this ok?

Of course! We're more than happy to travel between locations for your ceremony and reception, or even change positions within the one venue between cocktail hour and the main reception. Just keep in mind that it takes us about 30-45 minutes to pack down and set up our speakers and equipment. We'll do our best to keep ambient music going for as long as possible while we make our transitions, but there will be a break in live music! 
When there are multiple venues, please allow 45 minutes to an hour between the ceremony and cocktail hour/reception, so we can pack down, drive to the new location, and set up for the next set.

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