Our Top 5 Important Musical Wedding Moments

It’s pretty crazy how much music can level up any situation, and if there’s any situation you really want to level up…it’s your wedding day. This week we’re talking about picking the right tunes for those key moments, and our featured wedding is that of Christie and Rodrigo Nikolof. We were lucky enough to play for these legends at their intimate Spring 2018 wedding at Bilpin Resort, and they nailed it at every turn with their song selections. All photos were taken by co-legend, Neaton Photography.


1. The Processional

This is it, the biggie. If you choose to go with the flow and delegate choice on all other musical moments in your wedding, make this the one you choose yourself. You’re going to remember this moment for the rest of your lives, so pick a soundtrack you love! You may have been planning this moment since you were a tiny human, or never given it a second thought. If it’s the latter, have a think about what songs make your heart zing and remind you of your other half, and of being love. If you’re struggling, jump on the google machine and find out what other couples have chosen. Check out some romantic movies that you love and see how they’ve used music, or even get on to Spotify and have a browse of the plethora of Wedding Processional inspo playlists. Whatever you pick, make sure its not to fast because you’ll want to take your time getting down that aisle and soaking up every second of it! Christie walked down the aisle as we played Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley, and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the…forest.


Our Couples Have Chosen

Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis Presley

1000 Years – Christina Perri

If I Ain’t Got You – Alicia Keys

Latch – Sam Smith

All You Need Is Love – The Beatles

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

2. The Recessional

You’ve done it! You married your best mate! Your recessional song will be the first song you ever hear as a newly minted, officially bound team, so why not make it a special one? We always recommend that our couples choose an upbeat, uplifting number for this moment. Your friends and family will be bursting with excited energy that they’ve had to keep relatively contained until now, and a tune with impact will encourage them to let it out and cheer you guys on as you make your way back down the aisle. Your recessional song keeps the vibes high as your guests filter out of the ceremony area after you, and ties a neat little bow on the formalities as they head toward….lets be honest….the bar. Christie and Rodrigo got us to perform I Want To Hold Your Hand by The Beatles, as their guests covered them in streamers.


 Our Couples Have Chosen

Signed, Sealed, Delivered – Stevie Wonder

You’ve Got The Love – Florence & The Machine

I Wanna Hold Your Hand – The Beatles

I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

Riptide – Vance Joy

Love Is In The Air – John Paul Young

3. Reception Entrance

Once guests are seated and chilling in the reception venue, some couples take the opportunity to introduce their bridal party to the room before making a grand entrance themselves. Entrance to the reception signals that the serious stuff of the ceremony is over, and now its time to celebrate. What you’ll do with this moment, as with every other moment in your special day, is entirely up to you! Think about the tone you’re hoping to achieve with your reception. The songs you choose should reflect you guys and express how you’re feeling on your special day. As always, if it’s a super low key affair, you may even choose to just skip the entrances all together and have already been mixing with your mates since straight after the ceremony! You might be envisioning a gorgeous, classically classy evening, and choose to enter to some old school Sinatra or Natalie Cole. You might choose to inject a little silliness and get weird! After photo time, Christie and Rodrigo disappeared with their baby, Cora. They then entered their reception to the original Mambo no. 5, by Perez Prado. The bride wore a velociraptor mask and the groom was entirely consumed inside an air filled T-Rex costume. They held Cora, who was glamorously wearing only a nappy (Australian heatwave) and they all danced together as their guests applauded (the table setting included tiny gold-painted dinosaur figurines, it was a whole amazing thing).

Cora’s face is amazing.

Cora’s face is amazing.

 Our Couples Have Chosen

Let’s Get Married – Jagged Edge

Fly Me To The Moon – Frank Sinatra

Shut Up and Dance – Walk The Moon

Marry You – Bruno Mars

This Will Be – Natalie Cole

4. The First Dance

Traditionally, this dance is almost an extension of your vows, and signals the end of the formalities and the opening of the D floor. Couples often choose a romantic song that has special meaning for them, and slow dance in front of their family and friends. Having said that (and at risk of sounding like a broken record) your first dance can be whatever you want it to be, or you can skip it completely! Newlyweds might invite the bridal party or other couples to join them partway. Some couples will precede or follow the first dance by getting their parents or new in-laws up for a boogie, some just want the dance floor to open already so they can relax!
If you do choose to have a first dance, think about what you are both truly comfortable with and what will make you feel most yourselves on the night. The First Dance might be the only part of your wedding that doesn’t seem to fly by, and some people can only publicly slow dance for so long before starting to feel a little uncomfortable! If so, don’t be afraid to ask that only the first half of the song be played, keeping it short and sweet. And finally, if you’re not really a slow dance type of couple, let yourselves off the hook and make this moment your own! Try picking a more upbeat song and just dance the way you feel comfortable. These legends chose Perfect by the king of wedding jams, Ed Sheeran.


Our Couples Have Chosen:

Perfect  – Ed Sheeran & Beyonce

500 Miles – Sleeping At Last version

Say You Won’t Let Go – James Arthur

You Never Can Tell – Chuck Berry

Fly Me To The Moon – Frank Sinatra

Never Tear Us Apart – INXS

5. The Last Dance 

The last dance of your wedding is sort of like musical dessert for your guests. It’s one of the last memories they’ll take away from a huge, beautiful day full of them. Some couples like to go all out with their last dance, choosing big classic bangers that give everyone one more chance to shake out that leftover energy. Some like to use their last song to say thank you and farewell to their guests, by forming a goodbye circle or exit arch. Some like to take one last opportunity to get lost in the moment with their new husband or wife, and have everyone join them for one last slow dance before calling it a night. Some even have their cake and eat it too, incorporating all three ideas one after the other!
Whatever you’re drawn to for your special day, make sure you stay true to who you are as a team. Don’t feel confined to what a wedding “should” look like! Christie and Rodrigo wrapped up their evening with a chiller, choosing I’m Yours by Jason Mraz as people filtered out of the reception venue for a sparkler fuelled goodbye archway under the stars.  


Our Couples Have Chosen:

Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

Dog Days Are Over – Florence + The Machine

Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

The Voice – John Farnham

(I’ve Had The) Time Of My Life – Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes
 (Please note: two or more of your guests will absolutely attempt the lift)

Here’s one more amazing entrance photo for the road…


By Rosie Jackson